Calamity Jim’s Top Ten Movies of 2010

The rules are simple. It had to have come out in 2010 and I have to have seen it. Also I’m separating out documentaries for some reason, even though I have seen far fewer than ten. Here we go, whores.

  1. Toy Story 3
  2. The Black Swan
  3. Winter’s Bone
  4. The Social Network
  5. The Town
  6. The Kings Speech
  7. The Kids Are All Right
  8. Harry Potter 7
  9. How to Train Your Dragon
  10. The Last Station

In making up this list, my takeaway is actually that this wasn’t such a great year for movies. Last year, I had no trouble whatsoever in thinking up ten that I really liked a whole lot. This year, it honestly gets a little thin down near the bottom of the list. And I saw a LOT of movies this year, including some that got a lot of praise – Inception, Scott Pilgrim, the Prophet, Ajami, Vincere, Mother, and so on. But I just wasn’t that blown away by many of them. (Vincere especially was just kind of unpleasant.) Does this mean movies are getting worse, or I’m getting to be sadder and more difficult? I don’t know.

But Toy Story 3 was great, no surprise there. I’m not sure that Pixar is capable anymore of releasing a movie that isn’t awesome. The Black Swan and Winter’s Bone were both spectacular, and are movies I just can’t stop thinking about. The Social Network is very good, although it’s one of those movies that the more I think about it, the LESS I ultimately liked it. And I think How to Train Your Dragon was a lot of fun and deserves a lot more kudos than it got.

So let’s go to documentaries.

  1. Restrepo
  2. Exit Through the Gift Shop

Aaaaand apparently that’s my top ten because they’re the only two I saw. Whoops. Restrepo was terrific. Exit Through the Gift Shop was very good. I really want to see Inside Job still, and possibly Waiting for Superman, though my suspicion is that it might end up making me angry.

Anyway, what do you think of all this? Especially you, Calamity Jane.

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