I’m Reading “War and Peace,” What Are You Doing?

Yeah I am.  So far it’s going well.  I tried once before a year before and gave up after a while.  I’m reading a different translation this time — Louise and Alymer Maude, apparently the old favorites whom I should have went with the first time around —  and it’s both a lot more pleasant and a lot easier to keep track of which characters are which.  Of course, ALL the characters are  referred to much of the time as “the Prince” or “the Princess,” which makes it harder.  If they are ALL princes and princesses, perhaps that is not the most helpful way to identify them.  Sigh.

But, I’m enjoying it quite a bit.  Pierre is a great character, and I like the part where he ties a policeman to a bear.  And Dolokhov is very cool and creepy.  And I haven’t even gotten to any actual war; everyone is still just going to parties in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.  I think it would all make a great HBO miniseries, but I’m thinking that about most things I read lately, and not everything can be made into an HBO miniseries.

It is still dauntingly long (and alarmingly, my copy is on hold back at the library on the 18th).  But if it keeps going along at this clip, I think I’ll be okay for the long haul.  I will keep ya’ll updated as things develop.  Spoiler: I predict that the bastard Pierre is going to be legitimized by the Emperor and inherit his father the Count Bezukhov’s vast fortune!

2 thoughts on “I’m Reading “War and Peace,” What Are You Doing?

  1. War and Peace is one of my favorite books of all time! It also took me quite some time to get used to all the characters and their names. I want to say it took me around 250 pages to get them all straight. It certainly does take some time to read. I read the Barnes and Noble classics version of the book and I found the translation to be pretty good. I hope you truly enjoy the read!

  2. Dear Calamity Jim: Netflix yourself immediately the 1972 BBC/Masterpiece Theater miniseries, the first time many people, like your father, ever saw Anthony Hopkins (Pierre). And Jewel in the Crown, too, two best miniseries ever…..

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