Omar Comin’, Yo.

My roommate Amelia has been trying to get me to start watching The Wire for as long as I’ve lived with her. I’ve always demurred; after all, my old TV show DVD-watching dance card was terrifically full with both Deadwood and True Blood. Finally, I gave in and CJ and I rented the first season from the library.

Sheeeeet, yo. The Wire is basically the best show ever.

So why is it the best? Basically, it has all the characteristics that make HBO dramas so great: smart writing, characters you care about, skilled actors who can play characters who are both deeply flawed and empathetic.  But isn’t that true of Deadwood, you say?

True, yes. But The Wire has Omar.

Omar, Omar, Omar. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love that he is one of the more defiantly uncategorizable characters in television, a hustler, a gay man, a self-serving Robin Hood, a good guy, a bad guy, totally brutal but noble when the occasion calls for it. However, my words alone serve as paltry praise for Mr. Little. Check out this AMAZING and lovingly detailed Dickensian Wire spoof, complete with pen and ink illustrations.


2 thoughts on “Omar Comin’, Yo.

  1. I like The Wire too, but I am disturbed that you say it is the best show ever. Deadwood is still the best show ever. This blog is not called “Proposition Blog.”

  2. It’s a toss up. Deadwood had Dan Doherty coating himself with bear grease to rip a man’s eyeball out; The Wire has McNulty compromising an investigation by”accidentally” having sex with two Russian prostitutes.

    I do like Proposition Blog….it can be this blog’s rotund and Hawaiian shirt-wearing cousin.

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