Calamity Jane’s Favorite Things: Cambridge Street Edition #1–Atwood’s Tavern

Like the Room of Requirement, but for apple tarts and good beer....

Atwood’s is wonderful for many reasons. First, it is literally outside my door and for those of us who are so VERY LAZY (me!) it is nice knowing that there is a place mere paces from your bedroom where you can procure a delicious grilled cheese sandwich or apple tart whenever your little heart so desires, or whenever you run out of food in your fridge. Next, the food is great and (given the fine quality) very reasonably priced. The Bell and Evans chicken with veggies and spinach and whole-wheat linguini offer healthy comfort-food alternatives, while the pork loin and accompanying side of BACON MAC AND CHEESE remains a deliciously tempting treat. I’ve only had this dish once or twice, but I dreamed about the small for days afterward. It was like a having a phantom limb—whenever my stomach rumbled, I’d catch a whiff of that cheesy goodness in the air. Also exceptional: the Wild Boar bratwurst with sides of red cabbage and spaetzle make s it feel like Oktoberfest all year long. Third, Atwood’s offers great beer and music: admittedly I haven’t taken advantage of the music as often as I should (sadly, their weekly bluegrass night [Monday] starts at 10pm—past my bedtime on a school night!). On the other hand, Jim and I have definitely taken advantage of the beer—besides their swell selection of Belgian beer they offer local favorites like Pretty Things as well as less-local-but-awesome brews such as the fantastic Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. Finally, we’ve always had great service at Atwood’s. We’ve encountered a series of pleasant and chipper servers who definitely add to the cheerful but mellow vibe that Atwood’s has perfected.

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