We’re Alive

Like the Last Unicorn, we're alive.

Like the Last Unicorn, we’re alive.

Just a friendly post to say we are both alive, and will be trying to write more in the near future.  I have been doing exciting things like working too hard and going to the Republican National Convention.  CJ has been doing exciting things like crying quietly every night over her mistakes.  Together we drink ourselves into a stupor each evening and concoct elaborate stories about the successes and vicissitudes of our imaginary son.

In any case, I want to get back into writing here for the edification and amusement of the public.  Here are some of my ideas for posts, please comment on which you find to be most intriguing:

* Top ten spaceships I would like to travel on

* Review roundup of restaurants on Cambridge Street (Cambridge, MA)

* Review of Bondir restaurant (on Broadway, so not covered by prior post idea)

* Have you ever had that thing happen to you where you think you see a really hot girl from behind at the RNC, and then she turns around and it’s Karl Rove?

* My favorite iPhone games

* Why Shirley Henderson should play the next Doctor on “Doctor Who”

* I still hate “The Descendants.”

* Top ten villains in all of literature

Please provide feedback.  Eventually I can obviously write all of these if there’s enough public support.

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